Programs & Workshops


  • Once Upon My Life – Personal Adventures as Seen Through the Fairy Tales I Tell.
    A delightful mixture of personal stories from my life reflected in the themes and adventures of traditional fairy tales.
  • The GPS Wars – Tales From My 6000 Mile Odyssey.
    Misdirection and mayhem through familial misadventures in stories of life on the road during the fall and winter of 2014.
  • Stories of the Night
    • Not So Scary Stories for Grades Pre-School - 5th Grade Stories and songs of funny ghosts and things that go bump in the night.
    • Not for the Faint of Heart for Grades 6th - Adults Tales of ghosts and ghouls to send a chill down your spine.
  • Historical Tales
    • Christina Taggart Sample – The Revolutionary War comes alive in Christina’s life stories.
      “I just loved your depiction of Christina (Taggart Sample) on Sunday at the DLM in Hampton. It was almost surreal for me watching you do that, because it was a story that I knew all my life. I applaud your research and dedication to her story.” Al Cridge, West Deer Township, PA (The great, great, grandson of William Sample, Christina’s youngest son.)
    • Mary Fenton Torrance - Life on the Frontier in the 1700's
    • Mary Jemison – The Adoption – The story of the capture and adoption of Mary Jemison by the Senecas
    • William Brewster – Coming to a New Land – Stories of an Adventurer
    • Beatrice Ann Maxwell – Stories of the United States from Reconstruction to the late 1920’s
    • A Remembrance of Daisy – Stories of the First Girl Scouts
  • Traditional – Myths and legends from around the world
  • Ladybug Stories© - Follow the adventures of the four little ladybugs as they travel the world.
  • Stories of the Season - Fairies in the spring to cold hearted queens in the winter.
  • Stories for any Occasion - Programs designed around your theme or occasion.
  • Scout Programs - From badge workshops to workshops on Exploring the Art of Storytelling.


  • New Workshop! The Character’s Perspective – Creating Character’s with Panache!
    Every good story has memorable characters, characters that connect to the audience. Learn how to use your voice, posture, movement, and language to create characters that come alive for your audience.  Revive a story by learning how to tell it from a differentcharacter’s perspective.  Come and play with movement, words, and your voice as you create characters with panache!
  • Exploring the Art of Storytelling - Learn the basic mechanics of storytelling while learning how to "see the story" from the listener's perspective. For all ages from youngsters learning how to develop their first story to seasoned professionals trying to find ways to spice up their presentation.
  • Storytelling Retreats - A time to share stories, learn about your creative process, and learn from your peers.
  • Educational Programs for the Classroom - Using story to teach language, literacy and history.