Joanna will work with you to create a dynamic program of stories to match your theme or event. From Traditional & Southern Tales to Personal Narrative there is a world of stories just waiting to super charge your event.

The GPS Wars – Tales From My 10,000 Mile Odyssey.
Misdirection and mayhem through familial misadventures in stories of life on the road during the fall and winter of 2014.

History Matters – Stories of Women in Conflict

History comes alive as Joanna brings the stories of women who survived the greatest conflicts in US History. From the landing of the Mayflower to World War I woman kept the home fires burning as the men fought for freedom.

Traditional Tales– Myths and legends from around the world

Ladybug Stories© – Follow the adventures of the four little ladybugs as they travel the world.

Once Upon My Life – Personal Adventures as Seen Through the Fairy Tales I Tell.
A delightful mixture of personal stories from my life reflected in the themes and adventures of traditional fairy tales.

Stories of the Season – Fairies in the spring to cold-hearted queens in the winter.

Stories for any Occasion – Programs designed around your theme or occasion.