Wow Joanna, I thoroughly enjoyed your living history!!! You did such an amazing job with your research and culmination of it – the delivery and clarity of all the factual information with your ad-libbing personality and intonations was so good. You really have a knack for storytelling.

Monica L. November 2019 Barberville Pioneer Settlement
Mary Fenton Torrance and the Courting Candle
Mary Jemison
Christina Taggart Sample
Margaret E. Knight
Lurcetia Byrd Underhill

History Comes Alive!

Joanna creates 1st person character performances of historical women

Coming to a New Land – The Brewsters Voyage to a New World Mary Brewster’s escape from religious persecution into a world of strife and her families struggle crossing the Atlantic on the Mayflower and finding a way to survive in a forbidding continent.

French and Indian War – Mary Jemison – The Adoption – Indian attacks and the war pull apart Mary Jemison’s life when she is kidnapped by the Senecas.  How she found a way to live after being adopted into a tribe and later married to a Seneca Chief.

The Revolutionary War – Christina Taggart Sample wife of Captain James Sample living on the Pennsylvania frontier during and after the war.
“I just loved your depiction of Christina (Taggart Sample) on Sunday at the DLM in Hampton. It was almost surreal for me watching you do that, because it was a story that I knew all my life. I applaud your research and dedication to her story.” Al Cridge, West Deer Township, PA (The great, great grandson of William Sample, Christina’s youngest son.)

The Civil War – Mary Boykin Chestnut As the wife of an Aide de Camp to President Jefferson Davis, Mary shares the stories of life in the Confederacy from the early days through the end of the war.  Though she herself does not hold to slavery she supports her husband and their families as brothers fight brothers.

Lucretia Byrd Underhill – Life in Florida during the Civil War was dangerous for those left behind and Reconstruction brought new dangers as the women fought to stay alive and keep their lands.

Who Invented That? The Trials, Tribulations, and Successes of Female Inventors in the 1800’s.– Travel with Margaret E. Knight to meet the women that brought many of today’s conveniences to your daily life.

World War I – Beatrice Ann Maxwell – Stories of the United States from Reconstruction to the late 1920’s.  Beatrice steps up to help her country as they fight a war across the sea.